Agriturismo Santa Antonietta

Podere S.Ilda, 56045 Pomarance (Pi)

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Our farm extends over roughly 100 Ha, mostly cultivated, but with some areas kept with mediterranean macchia wood. 

The soil, mainly clayey and heavvy, hard to be worked, but fertile when correcly cultivated, is the classic cereals suitable soil, tipical of this part of Tuscany. So main productions are graminaee: durum wheat for pasta, barlay and oats for animal feeding.  Besides this, we grow legminosae and fodder plants, accordint to agricultural techniques which respect habitat, biodiversity and landscape, so that healty products can be obtained.

Another tipical product, which could not be missing in our farm, is the very good extra-virgin olive oil, whose robust and tasty peculiar flavour deserved to be protected by the IGP (geographic origin and quality) mark. In our olive trees area grow about 250 trees.

As well as every tuscan farm, we also produce a good wine, even if not in great quantities.

Breeding is essentially limited to yard animals to produce eggs and poultry mainly aimed to self-support.

We heve been farmers for generations. Since a long time we know and love this place and now, with agriturismo, we willingly take the opportunity to share with our guests the sites, the products, the secrets and little things of daily life in our farm.

We are warmely  waiting for you.



Agriturismo S.Antonietta agriturismo tre spighe-  Podere S.Ilda, 56045 Pomarance (Pi) Tel./Fax +39 0588.62127 Mobile +39 340 8530158